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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sun is Shining, the weather is Sweet.

Well.. I thought I was going into the Bush, but when I got there I realized my bag full of valuables was M.I.A! So, now I reside in Kombo for another week awaiting compensation for my losses. My passport, camera (which was sweeeet), my !JOURNAL! , all of my Gambian attire including jewelry and scarves, my toiletries, and finally… the sweet backpack that everything was contained in.. is NOW somewhere on the SouthBbank Highway of The Gambia. That’s right kids, my bag flew off the top of Peace Corps transport. Am I mad? Nah.. I’m Irie. However, whoever gets a hold of this bag is in for a treat, especially if they can read! I started my journal when I left my parent’s sofa in S.C, and I have written in it every night up until it was lost. Let’s just say, the lucky owner of my journal will know everything I’ve seen and felt for the past two months. Mas… (Wolof word for “sorry”).

Peace Corps has been so kind to reimburse me for all that was lost - Thanks Washington! Good to know you guys are looking out for my best interest and wellbeing. In fact, I have had a good time since I lost my bag. I’ve been lucky enough to stay with one of my fellow PCVs and see their village. Also, I’ve been kickin’ it with my girl Meghan, who has her official SWEAR IN on Monday - congrats! Hm.. I’ve also been able to hang out with a few very generous Gambians in the Senegambia craft market this past week. They help me with my language, plus they hook me up with “black prices” as compared to “toubab prices” which are usually jacked-up for the European tourists. I bought a Djembe drum from one of the sellers in the market. I will take the next two years to get really good at playing, so when I come back to the states I can spread love through musical vibrations!

I am getting a cat (maybe two) to bring back to site on Tuesday. They are sister calico cats, straight West African street style. I met them yesterday! If Meghan does not take one, then I will take both. They are getting spayed today, and I will be given all necessary medicines for the next few months for free! All I have to do is pour affection into them, feed them some table scraps (which is usually rice, fish and all the yummy things cats love anyways), and make sure they don’t get eaten by anything bigger than themselves.

So, I guess this post shows that even out of the darkness, there is light. I got a local seller to make me two JUJUs. These are worn my Gambians, usually of the Animist faith, to ward off “evil spirits”, which I have translated as negative energy. If nothing else, they are reminders to keep it on the up-and-up at ALL TIMES. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - I’m Irie.

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